We run together!

Published on 4 September 2020

This September two men are running 127 kilometres over 24 hours in honour of women who have been victims of human trafficking. Will you join them? Let's work together to raise awareness for modern day slavery, women's rights and the difference that we can make when we unite for a cause!

Two runners, Pieter van Eeden and Hubri Bruyn, have been inspired by the amazing women and men at Jesus4Real - Our Home to take on the massive challenge of running 127km in 24 hours in their honour and to highlight their struggles and their journey.

These two men will start running at 9am on the 19th of September 2020 and will stop running 24 hours later. Their 127km will be made up of loops of 5km: representing the daily, recurring struggle of those trapped by human trafficking. They are not just running an arbitrary distance; they are running towards a goal. A goal of bringing belonging, safety, the Gospel and a home to victims of human trafficking.

The family at Jesus4Real wants to take the next step in their journey of restoring victims of human trafficking and embracing them as family members. They want to become the owners of the home that they have restored and transformed over the years.

Will you join us in raising awareness for human trafficking, and raising funds towards securing a stable forever home where victims can be restored and find belonging? Will you join Pieter and Hubri and run with them in a virtual marathon this September to raise awareness and funds to fight against human trafficking?

COVID-19 might keep us physically apart, but it won't keep us down, it won't stop us running and it definitely won't stop us from making a difference in the world!

What can you do right now?

  • Tie a piece of ribbon, rope or a cable tie around your wrist 
  • Snap a photo of yourself holding your running shoes with your bound hand👟📸
  • Share it on social media with #neveralone or #weruntogether and tag James 1:27 Trust or Jesus4Real - Our Home

What can you do on the day of the event?


  • Tie a piece of ribbon, rope or a cable tie around your wrist - or tie your hands together if you really want to challenge yourself! 
  • Run or walk 5km - or any distance - in your local area. 👟
  • Get a friend or relative to remove your bindings when you've reached the end. ✂️
  • Take a photo of the moment you are freed. 🙌📸
  • Share it on social media with #neverlone or #weruntogether and tag James 1:27 or Jesus4Real - Our Home

Don't forget to show your support by pledging an amount towards the purchase of the property for Jesus4Real - Our Home!

Upon pledging before and on the day of this event you will automatically be enterred into a raffle with prizes sponsored by Run-A-Way Sport. Winners will be announced on the 20th of September.

Make a pledge towards Our Home

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