​The James 1:27 Trust was established on 11 October 2004 in the inspiration of a simple mandate from the New Testament.

A Vision to Multiply Care

The Trust was founded by Robert Botha, who served as first secretary political at the South African Embassy in Paris from 1999 to 2003. During this season Robert was asked to speak on the orphan crisis at a fundraiser in Oxford. He based his presentation on the multiplication of the loaves and fish brought by the small boy in John 6:1-14. Struck by the enormity of the problem, he began the process of founding the James 1:27 Trust.

Reflecting on the multiplied loaves and fish, the Trust decided to place a strategic focus on enlarging the efforts of others. This led to the vision of a crowdfunding service to connect caring organisations with potential donors and the development of world-class software and systems to strengthen the reach and effectiveness of their care.

Since its beginnings, the Trust has gained the confidence of other care-based organisations, several government agencies, and numerous corporations and individual donors both in South Africa and abroad. As the first in the world to use life cycle management and the first in Africa to use enterprise resource planning software, the Trust continues to search for innovative solutions in the field of OVC care.

Support the Development of the Trust

The James 1:27 Trust partners with organisations who care for children, giving them access to a model for delivering care, a data management system that supports care, and a social market for fundraising and sponsor relationship management. Your sponsorship helps us build our systems to serve them better.