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The Kingdom of Me and the Kingdom of God

Published: 9/8/2022 2:00:05 PM

A message by Reverend Peter Wilson, given to the Board Members of the James 1:27 Trust on 13 June 2009. 6 weeks later, on 24 July 2009, Peter went to be with the Lord.

The Heart of the Matter Part 2

Published: 5/30/2022 11:49:55 AM

We are constantly faced with the gap between our loss of innocence and brokenness, yet our desire for wholeness.

The Heart of the Matter Part 1

Published: 4/5/2022 10:48:17 AM

Something that Jesus does in the Gospel of Luke shook my more “left leaning” perspective on social justice. By “left” I mean the focus on social justice as the fight against systemic oppression and seeking change in basic societal structures. However, Jesus seemed to have a different perspective on what is fair and where justice “starts”.

Our Social Change Theory - Part 2: The Dance

Published: 7/28/2021 11:45:48 AM

Our belief in a dream for everyone’s life leads us to take action, but we are aware of the nightmare that needs to be managed. We do this through the second aspect of our Social Change Theory: the dance.

Our Social Change Theory - Part 1: The Dream

Published: 6/22/2021 10:58:54 AM

We believe that there is a dream for every child, family and community. Everyone has been lovingly created by God, in His own image; therefore no one is made without a plan and a purpose—a dream for their life.

We run together!

Published: 9/4/2020 8:53:57 AM

This September two men are running 127 kilometres over 24 hours in honour of women who have been victims of human trafficking. Will you join them? Let's work together to raise awareness for modern day slavery, women's rights and the difference that we can make when we unite for a cause!

Caring in the Time of Corona

Published: 5/18/2020 4:56:20 PM

A message from the James 1:27 Trust team on the Covid-19 pandemic and what steps we are taking in response to it


Published: 11/27/2018 1:43:27 PM

A counterpoint to the consumerism associated with Black Friday, Giving Tuesday offers an alternative viewpoint - one that privileges giving over receiving.

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