The James Care Model, simply stated, is to care for the whole child in his or her own family and community context.
Care model

When the Trust is introduced to a child, we begin by learning the child’s entire reality.  We learn whether the child lives in a child-headed household or with an auntie or granny, whether the child is in school, what nutritional, clothing, or shelter challenges exist, etc.  At the same time we discover what resources exist in the community where the family lives—a clinic or optometrist, a crèche, a school, a church, etc.

The child’s vulnerabilities, together with any resources available in the surrounding community, are compiled into a Care Plan which will contain a series of interventions designed to empower the family and care for the children holistically (physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual health and development).  The Care Plan is the central part of the James Care Model.  It becomes a collaborative effort between the Trust, the family, the local community, and the global community, with responsibilities laid out in an aligned Responsibility Script.

Before acting on anything in the Care Plan, we present it to the family to see if they want participate.  No Care Plans are ever acted upon without a family’s full consent and participation.

In acting on the Care Plan, we involve every local community asset we can, from principals and teachers to doctors and counsellors.  When outside donations are necessary, we purchase goods from the local community to meet the children’s needs.  In this way, our donors’ gifts contribute not only to the child’s development but also to the local economy.

Once the initial interventions from the Care Plan have been acted upon, we review the progress with the family, and the Care Plan will be redefined according to their current journey.