Every organisation wants to make a difference. Its ability to do so is directly affected by performance in the same professional business disciplines that make a business both effective and efficient. Employing these disciplines helps an organisation enlarge its cultural and transformational impact.

The James 1:27 Trust is able to offer agency services in several business disciplines to other organisations, empowering them to increase efficiency and effectiveness without the need to hire more staff or purchase expensive software.

Using SAP Business 1, the Trust is able to support NGOs and nonprofits in financial administration, procurement, supply chain, and customer relationship management.  SAPB1 is a world-class Enterprise Resource Planning tool that is able to coordinate all of these functions within an organisation.  The James 1:27 Trust is the first NGO in Africa to use SAPB1.  Since then, the Mandela and Tutu foundations have also begun to use SAPB1.

Effective communication and collaboration are also critical to an enterprise's success.  In 2013, Microsoft made its hosted Exchange platform (as part of Office 365 Enterprise E2) available to nonprofits free of charge.  Now the Trust is able help nonprofits move their e-mail system away from archaic, expensive POP3 mail services that support only ingoing and outgoing mail onto Exchange and enjoy the benefits of world-class enterprise collaboration and communication, including mobile access, shared calendars and contact lists, and more.

Moving forward, the Trust is also exploring the possibilities of talent management systems, which will enhance service delivery and employee/volunteer development, and content management systems, which will help organisations tell their stories effectively on the Internet.