Percy's Studies

Published on 2 August 2018

Long-time Trust beneficiary just finished first semester at UNISA

Percy Mangwedi is currently studying Tourism Management at UNISA. We are waiting in anticipation for the results of his recently written exams. We believe in him and know that he is an intelligent young adult.

Since February, Percy has been assisted with transport money to visit the James 1:27 Trust office twice a week, so that he can access the internet and have some dedicated time to spend on his studies. He's also been provided with the necessary study material and stationary to further his knowledge and understanding of the work.

Percy is working to take ownership of his life: he always has some new job opportunity or new plan on how to become self-reliant, and we appreciate that in him. We believe that the studies contribute to his growth towards personal autonomy, as it supports him in building his future and gives him that space of being intellectually stimulated. However, we acknowledge that this was his first experience studying at a university and we know that the pressure is high and the adjustment is difficult.

At the James 1:27 Trust, when we care for vulnerable children and youth, we work to bring them from a place of emergency relief through stages of rehabilitation and then development until they reach autonomy and, ultimately, reciprocity. Percy is currently in the development phase but is already demonstrating reciprocity. His sister, Tiisetso, is currently rewriting her matric at Elroi Academy and she also visits the Trust on a weekly basis. Often when Percy is finished with his work, he helps her to study and grasp difficult concepts. Because he is given the opportunity to study, he wants to help his sister to finish her matric in order to gain opportunities for her future as well.

We are thankful for this young man, and we believe that he will make a success of his life. Not just in his career, but in becoming a responsible and committed individual, reaching his full potential in life.

Thank you for contributing to his development.