Matric Second Chance

Published on 2 August 2018

Partner helps facilitate matric second chance for Trust beneficiary

A few kilometers beyond Hammanskraal lies a village called Stinkwater, the home of a young and determined lady named Tiisetso Maluleka. She has a two-year-old daughter whom the Trust is supporting to attend a crèche nearby her home. Tiisetso believes in the importance of education and wants what is best for her child.

At the end of 2017, Tiisetso was offered the opportunity to rewrite matric. Without doubt, she answered that she would love to have such an opportunity. Tiisetso also took part in a career preference test, which indicated her desire to further her education and skills for her future. A partnership with Elroi Academy has made rewriting her matric possible.

Elroi Academy is an online Education provider dedicated to picking up the pieces left by what they see as a rigid educational system that does not work for the rich diversity of our country. They do this by offering the assessments and learning material for the National Senior Certificate in an online format, with excellent online support from dedicated and qualified teachers. This format places the responsibility on the student to find an approach to education that works best for the individual while offering support and informative assessment feedback.

Tiitsetso has proven that she values this opportunity by making the most of it. She has been dedicated to her subjects to improve her results in order to obtain a National Senior Certificate that will open doors for her in the future. Tiisetso’s experience in rewriting her matric has been a challenge in some instances, but also a blessing. It is not only educational, but it also improved her skills in working with a computer and finding articles and readings on the internet for assignments. Over the last six months Tiisetso’s communication skills have improved, and the relationship between herself and the James 1:27 Trust developed for the better.

It has been a pleasure to see her commitment in leaving her two-year-old girl at crèche in the early mornings to be able to catch a taxi to Pretoria to commence with her studies. We are also grateful for a tutor who volunteered once a week to help her with mathematics literacy.

Thank you to Elroi Academy, who assisted with Tiisetso's admission, as well as all the prayers and financial support that has been given as support to her.