Closing the Gap

Published on 15 November 2016

The Trust is building a social network and social movement with potential to transform society.

Is there a problem within our society? We blame politics, corruption, selfishness, elitists, exploitative economic structures, neo-liberal policies from the West, etc. But we are forced to ask what is our role personally and how do we view the world, country, communities, and people?

The challenges we face as a country are overwhelming. We are all created equal in the image of God, yet we live with extreme levels of inequity. The James 1:27 Trust looks to address this challenge in bold and innovative ways. 

We are busy closing the gap.

This year has been significant for the Trust in clarifying much of our message. The Trust helps organisations manage their finances through our financial management system. Our social market is a powerful opportunity for civil society organisations—connecting local initiatives to millions of potential local and international supporters. Our care management system make it easy for organisations to plan, budget, monitor, evaluate, and report on care.

We are learning through prayer, relationships, and hard work to become the transformation we seek and to practice our belief that only His presence can bring about transformation. Government is stuck in debt and business is preoccupied with shareholder value. So it is left to civil society to find the moral courage to lead, to care and to inspire. We need each other in all our different colours, cultures, backgrounds and diversity. Social change comes through engagement, commitment and sacrifice. The Trust is at its simplest level building family and connecting relationships across the divide.

By being part of a social network and social movement, we have the potential to transform society. We are inspired to close this gap as we believe in the intrinsic value of human life. Instead of blaming government, our economy, our circumstances, let’s share with others another way of bringing solutions to age-old issues. Support the Trust in its endeavour to pioneer a social market in which we are bringing people together to take ownership of the challenges we face in South Africa.