Kim's Story

Kim was trafficked in 2014 when a woman sold her to a drug dealer and pimp in Sunnyside by sending her to a false job interview. For four years she was trapped and abused, but her story did not end there. Kim came to Our Home in 2018 and has gone through a remarkable transformation: from being fearful and weak, she has become a confident and radiant woman.

Kim was the only child of a single mother, having never known her father. Her disabled mother struggled to make ends meet, so when a woman approached Kim with the promise of a good job she jumped at the chance. The “kind” woman arranged an interview and Kim set off to Sunnyside to meet her prospective employer. On her arrival, she phoned the number the woman had provided. It rang but no one answered. After a couple of attempts the phone went over to voice mail. At this stage Kim noticed a certain man passing her each time just after she called. He told her it was dangerous to start looking for a taxi so late in the day, and he invited her to stay with him and take a taxi home the next morning. Reluctantly, Kim agreed. 


Kim spent that evening with the man, a friend of his and the friend’s girlfriend. The man cooked a meal for her, gave her drinks and offered her drugs. Kim was flattered by the attention as no one had treated her with such kindness before. She became convinced that he was in love with her. Little did she know that she was set up to become his slave.

In 2017 Mama V found Kim shivering in the street with a high fever and phoned Kim’s pimp to tell him that Kim could not work. The next day she took Kim to hospital and Kim’s three-year-old daughter went home with Mama V. After a month in the hospital, Kim was discharged and briefly returned to her pimp before calling Mama V to say that she was ready to leave. The pimp agreed to let Kim go, and she was brought to Our Home.

Kim’s journey to recovery and restoration has been amazing. From being very weak and constantly afraid, Kim has become a confident young woman who can hold conversation with anyone. She loves working in the kitchen and finds great joy in cooking for the family, and enjoys arts and crafts. She is a formidable gamer and has an incredible short-term memory which makes her unbeatable in rummy cub. Kim has also been HIV positive since 2015... but on a recent visit to the clinic the virus could no longer be detected in her system!