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Neighbours is an intentional Christian community that stands in solidarity with the residents of Hillbrow and other communities deeply impacted by poverty, inequality and injustice around South Africa. We want to become good friends to our neighbours and good neighbours to our friends. We would like to invite you to partner with us financially by contributing to our organisation or one of our projects. Every bit helps!

Neighbours is a Non-profit organisation that was started in 2012 when the Branken family moved into Hillbrow to stand in solidarity as neighbours to those most marginalised in South Africa. The phrase they try to live out is “we are becoming good friends to our neighbours and then good neighbours to our friends”.

As we seek to become good friends to our neighbours and good neighbours to our friends in 2019, we will be focused in particular on:

  • Seeking justice together in our community and South Africa
  • Seeking the flourishing of Hillbrow’s residents and children
  • Seeking a just and inclusive economy alongside the social enterprises we assist

Neighbours has many exciting and innovative local community initiatives that need your support including:

  • Through our learning centre:
    • Getting kids into safe spaces after school
    • Creating healing and nurturing environments in the afternoons for children
    • Facilitating fun and the discovery of knowledge through our well stocked multi-purpose library
    • Facilitating growth of character through sports like soccer
    • Constructing and imagining the possibilities of a new world through play activities like our Lego club
    • Bringing children into a transcendent, creative and joyful space through learning music at our music school
    • Securing future dreams of Hillbrow’s children through scholarships
  • Through our advocacy and solidarity work:
    • Fighting racism together though training in schools and corporates and online activism;
    • Demanding accessible, quality clinics and public health care facilities;
    • Ensuring access of the most marginalised to dignified public services by standing with them as they seek it out;
    • Holding schools in Hillbrow accountable to provide quality education and secure learning environments;
    • Promoting a living wage for all;
    • Fighting a war on poverty rather than a war on the poor.
  • Through our supporting of social entrepreneurs:
    • Pre-incubation and incubation of small businesses through coaching and mentoring
    • Networking
    • Support of social enterprises and small businesses

You can find out more about how we do this by visiting our website at We would love to co-conspire with you and demonstrate and a new, just, kinder world is indeed possible because it is being lived out around us.

You can also partner with our many new and exciting ventures with the Hillbrow community in 2019. Send us an email ( if you would like to volunteer or have items that may assist us. Let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list to keep up to date with our work.

Here is a link to our story covered by the Daily Maverick

For more information, visit

You can also use the following bank account to make a direct donation to support Neighbours (the James 1:27 Trust manages this account exclusively for the benefit of Neighbours). Be sure to use your email address as the reference so that we can properly allocate your donation and send you a receipt.

Account name: James 1:27 Trust
Bank: ABSA Bank
Account number: 9310110831
Branch code: 632005
Reference for donation: Your email address

Neighbours is a voluntary association under the Non-profit Organisations act (71 of 1997). Their funds are administered through a service level agreement with the James 1:27 Trust. The Trust provides

  • Payment governance and processing;
  • Donations receipting and issuing of tax certificates in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act of 1962;
  • The provision and auditing of a trust account on behalf of Neighbours

This ensures that all monies received and spent follow sound financial management practices. Your full contribution goes towards Neighbours and the work that they do.

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