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The James 1:27 Trust partners with organisations who care for children, giving them access to a model for delivering care, a data management system that supports care, and a social market for fundraising and sponsor relationship management. Your sponsorship helps us build our systems to serve them better.

The James 1:27 Trust provides a range of services to support care organisations and help them grow the reach and impact of care. These services focus on three areas:

James Care

Over the 13 year history of the Trust, we have developed a holistic care model that takes a vulnerable family through a care lifecycle from emergency relief all the way to reciprocity. We help partner organisations to implement our care model, and support a few families ourselves as part of our research work. Together with the Soweto Care System, we help partner organisations manage and report on their care using an online platform.

James Agency Services

Many organisations are started by people responding to the needs they see in their community. They don't necessarily have the administration or management capacity to run their organisation effectively. We provide services that lessen the burden of running an organisation, particularly when it comes to financial management.

James Social Market

Fundraising is another challenge for many organisations. We are building an online platform to connect them with people who care enough about what they are doing to support their services. We also want to contribute to a culture that takes collective responsibility for the vulnerable and excluded members of society, and we are building mechanisms to support that.

We aim to make our services as affordable as possible for our partner organisations. To do that we rely on your donations to keep us going and support the further development of our services. Thank you for your contribution.


Your sponsorship will be used to cover the costs of the people who develop and deliver our services to care organisations, as well as other organisational expenses that are not care-related.

The James 1:27 Trust is a registered Non-Profit (registration no. 041-353-NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO no. 930024712). Donations to the Trust are tax-deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

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