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Hope renewed, vision restored and life reignited

Published: 12 June 2016

Despite strenuous ordeals and unforeseen circumstances, twenty-six-year-old Victoria is full of passion, knowing that she is cared for and greatly loved by us all.

My experience of Zama Zama

Published: 30 May 2016

When I was first told we would visit Zama Zama’s crèche, I was expecting dozens of little ones running around, climbing and jumping on everything and everyone they could. Instead we were welcomed by Florence, the principal, Alida and Carine, who led us to be met by forty well-mannered children, obediently sitting at colourful tables in groups of four.

Relational thinking critical to creating true transformation

Published: 26 April 2016

Robert, CEO of the Trust, recently attended the Relational Analytics training offered by Relational Thinking in the UK. 15 participants from six different countries were represented. The training showed the analytic tools as a structured framework to measure and manage relationships.

Music and life skills projects in Zama Zama

Published: 26 April 2016

In her latest newsletter, music therapist Anine shares her journey in the first term at the Zama Zama School of Hope. A place which, just four years ago, had children playing in the dust now show the major transformation of having a school, a crèche, vegetable garden, jungle gym, baby room, consistent volunteers and several school teachers.

Wheelchairs for Africa

Published: 9 February 2016

Global philanthropic partnerships create value chains that span the world.

Zama Zama – hope in the dust

Published: 4 February 2016

Within all the chaos, pain and difficulties there are moments that show the beauty of life.

The James 1:27 Trust on Impact Radio

Published: 20 January 2016

The transformative presence and power of Christ is key to achieving the dream that God has for South Africa.

Celebrating 11 years on 11 October: The James 1:27 Trust

Published: 22 October 2015

Very few innovations and dreams make it beyond the imaginary stage. While just a few actually get born, even fewer deliver on their “mandate” or “vision”. Eleven years after its launch on 11 October 2004, the Trust while still carrying its dream is now also firmly rooted in reality with evidence to show that we are making an impact. As with all social enterprises, there is however both encouraging and discouraging news.

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The James 1:27 Trust partners with organisations who care for children, giving them access to a model for delivering care, a data management system that supports care, and a social market for fundraising and sponsor relationship management. Your sponsorship helps us build our systems to serve them better.

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