Support the New Schools of Hope Crèche in Zama Zama

Zama Zama is a community of 196 families, mostly refugees, living in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Daspoort just west of Pretoria. The Trust has helped to establish and continues to support a crèche in the community to encourage the healthy development of the children in the community.
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In Zama Zama there are currently more than sixty young children who need access to  early childhood development to enable them to gain the skills they need to start school without being at a disadvantage because of delays in learning. They also need nutritional support to enable their healthy physical development.

The Trust has helped to support some truly inspirational women to establish a crèche and a recreational outside play space for the children of the community. We have also helped to establish a weekly music therapy class which is run by one of the Trust's older beneficiaries.

In order to make the attendance fees affordable to the community, 50% of the costs of the crèche need to be covered through sponsorships. Please consider making an investment in the future of the children of Zama Zama.

10% of your donation will go towards the James 1:27 Trust's operational overheads.

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