Send Taki to Europe

Ten years ago, Takelane Malepane never imagined getting out of Stinkwater. Now, he's helped make it possible for 20 Mamelodi children to tour Germany and Holland.

From Stinkwater to Germany: Taki's Journey

From participating in the Year of Your Life gap year programme at Hatfield Christian Church in 2016, to voluntarily providing music lessons for pre-schoolers in Zama-Zama, to being employed as a music teacher at three local schools, and finally sending the Viva Kids Choir (one of choirs he has been teaching) to Germany: Takelane Malepane has had an impressive journey!

Taki is currently rewriting Grade 12 in hopes to further his studies in music and teaching. We are extremely proud of this young man who is following his dreams with passion, perseverance and genuine love towards these children. Taki once said, "I want to see children's lives transformed through music and sharing the love of God with them."

Taki has been teaching music classes and building the Viva Kids Choir at the Viva Foundation of South Africa in Mamelodi East for more than two years now, and Viva is preparing to send the choir to Europe in December. The James 1:27 Trust would like to help send Takelane with them. Taki has never been abroad and we believe this will be a dream come true!



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