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Grace and her two younger sisters experienced tremendous hardship following the death of their parents and the loss of their home and support system. Resilient and hardworking, Grace is determined to provide for her sisters and ensure their happiness all while becoming the first person in her family to complete a university degree.

"My name is Grace Moila and I am a third year BEd student at the University of Pretoria. I am a sister and a parent to my younger siblings, Anata (16) and Zanele (12) ... I am the first person in my family to ever go to university. My mother always told me to put God at the center of it all and everything else will fall into place."


The Moila family story

Following the death of her mother in 2019, Grace became the sole provider and guardian for her two younger sisters. She was in her first year of a BEd at the University of Pretoria on an NSFAS scholarship at the time. The passing of their mother traumatised the three sisters, and her younger sisters still have trouble sleeping. The extended family chased the three of them from their home in Limpopo, but a distant relative agreed to take in Grace’s sisters while she returned to Pretoria for her studies. However, the relative would only keep them under the condition that Grace would eventually drop-out of university and return to Limpopo to marry her grandchild.

During this time Grace knew that her sisters were being mistreated. She turned to others in search of help but was told that she would have to prostitute herself to earn favours. Eventually the relative said that Grace must come and fetch her sisters within a month, or she would find them living on the streets.

Grace saved up her meal vouchers and used the money she claimed back to fetch her sisters from Limpopo. The three of them moved into a squatter camp in Mamelodi. They were living in an unsafe and rundown area, but they were glad to be reunited. However, Grace soon ran out of money and the three sisters faced an uncertain future.


The James 1:27 Trust Community Involvement

Around the time that her money ran out, Grace met a member of the James 1:27 Trust family while doing her practical teaching experience. Gail informed us of Grace’s situation, and we helped relocate the three sisters to a new, safer home. Since then, the sisters have become a part of our James 1:27 Trust family and we have been building up a network of sponsors and supporters to invest financially, emotionally and spiritually, in these amazing young women. We're off to a great start, but still have far to go.

Our projected monthly budget for the Moila sisters includes costs for:

  • Rent
  • Nutrition
  • Therapy
  • Coaching

If you would like to contribute items or your time and skills to this cause please send an email to


The Dream

Grace is a hardworking and resilient young woman who is already in her third year of a four year degree towards becoming an Accounting and Economics teacher. Our hope is to equip her to finish her studies well, while ensuring that she and her sisters are safe, healthy, well-fed and receive the spiritual, social and emotional support they need to complete their studies and thrive as God-fearing young women who can contribute towards a better South Africa.

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