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The Trust has been supporting the Maluleka familiy for many years. Some of the beneficiaries are now entering adulthood, and we need your help to give them what they need to pursue their further education and support their own young families.
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The Maluleka family lives in the community of Stinkwater, to the north of Pretoria. The Trust has been supporting them for more than ten years, and some of the original beneficiaries are now starting families of their own. There are now ten members of the household between the ages of three and thirty-one, and we need your help to give them a strong foundation on which to build their future. These are some of the specific things we'd like to help them with this year:

  • Percy is an intelligent young man with a gift for writing and poetry, but his dream is to work in the toursim industry. He was accepted to study at UNISA and has completed his first year of studies, but we need help to cover his second year tuition fees, which will come to about R6,000.
  • Tiisetso is one of the kindest, most genuine of individuals, and we are so proud of the person she's become. Her school results were not good enough for her to get into tertiary education. She would like to become a beauty therapist, but we need your help to cover the costs of her training.
  • Kedibone is currently pregnant, and while her partner is employed, they will need help to ensure that their child receives the necessary nutrition and developmental support.
  • Thabang is currently twenty-seven, and is searching for deeper meaning in his life. He has applied to join the African Enterprise  Foxfire programme, but he needs R1,000 a month in support contributions while he's there.

In addition to these direct costs, there are other regular expenses like creche fees, uniforms and transport that need to be covered in this critical stage of the family's development.

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