Support the Maleka family

Adelaide is a thirty-one year old mother staying in the Zama Zama informal settlement. Three years ago she gave birth to triplets while still trying to support her five year old son. The Trust is helping her care for her suddenly much larger family, and helping her find employment.

Caring for triplets is a difficult task, and Adelaide has done admirably given the circumstances. We would like to help her stand on her own feet, but for now she needs our assistance to ensure her children get adequate nutrition to grow up healthy.

We are doing what we can to help Adelaide find employment, and in the meantime to supplement her income by making and selling lunches to workers in the community. We are also paying the creche fees for her triplets, to ensure that they receive adequate stimulation and educational support, but also to free her to find employment for herself.

We do not have enough committed funds to cover all these expenses, and we would really appreciate your dedicated giving to this family.

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