James 1:27 Trust

Thirteen Years of Empowering Care

Published on 11 October 2017

Today 13 years ago, at the Hatfield Christian Church minor auditorium, the James 1:27 Trust was officially launched.

“I am 27 years old. I have a daughter who is 10 years old and I am very grateful for everything the James 1:27 Trust has done for me in the past 13 years. I am an independent woman, because of their guidance. I am glad that I am still of the family and will always be part of the James 1:27 Trust family. Happy 13th birthday to the Trust.”


“I'm grateful to have been a part of the Trust's journey for the past five years, and I'm excited for what lies ahead as the Trust enters a new season. Happy 13th! Looking forward!”

--staff member

Around eighty guests witnessed the signing of the Trust Deeds.  Dr Graham Catto led the sacred proceedings.  I remember him asking everyone to come forward and in the spirit of the moment release the founding board and appointed CEO, Mapule Khanye, to serve the envisioned mandate: “Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles and refuse to let the world corrupt us.”

Thirteen years later, the Trust is fully functioning and delivering on this mandate.  According to the Trust’s acting CEO, Rudi von Staden: “The mandate of the Trust is as relevant today as it was thirteen years ago, and it is my privilege to be able to serve it in this new season. The philosophy of care, integrity and engagement which it encapsulates is at the heart of everything we do. It is why we have continued to care for the beneficiaries we have had since the founding of the Trust. It is why we build systems to support not just our own care, but that empower the care of our partner organisations. We have a responsibility to contribute to a society which cares for every person.”

For my part, I have the deep satisfaction of seeing a prophetic seed having been planted, watered and grown into a fully living expression of organisational life.  Having formally resigned on 10 September to allow the Trust to grow into its next season, I am excited to see the good work continue.  My hands are now full with the James Social and Ethics Consultancy.

To our many partners, donors, clients, friends, children, and stakeholders who have been part of our thirteen years, thank you! Without your prayers, encouragement and financial support the seed will have died--the implications of which we cannot measure. Your faith in our endeavours has made this Kingdom enterprise possible.

Robert Botha

“Hi. How are you. Since the trust is 13 years today, I would like to thank you for being with us all the way all these years and every moment. Will like to thank you and those involved in James Trust indirectly and directly and a big round of applause to you and the crew. Looking forward to sail more with you guys.”


“Thinking upon the Trust being 13 years old – one cannot help, but stand amazed at the goodness of the Lord. What an awesome testimony to the faithfulness of the Great God that we serve. It’s an honour to be part of the Trust – having seen and experienced during the years how the Lord has grown each one involved and took care of us! The Trust seemed ‘small’ when we started, and so is my part in it all, but as the Lord puts it so elegantly in the Message (Jeremiah 29) “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to give you the future you hope for.”  The smallest step that one of our children accomplishes, amplifies this promise and the dream that God has for us all at the Trust. How can we not praise Him and thank Him for all He has done to us, and through us, and through the wonderful people He gave to help and to walk beside us and to be his hands where ever and whenever it was and is needed. Happy birthday!”

--staff member

“Another year and I still find it hard to put into words ‘our journey’ as the James 1:27 Trust. But in a few words... authentic, transformative, deep and embracing complexity without claiming to have answers except for a desire to seek Christ's Kingdom and allow heaven to touch earth. The Trust is not just an organisation but part of a bigger body of people who are the sanctuary for the presence of God. It is the beauty of the Gospel which I have experienced very deeply at the Trust despite endless challenges. And the greatest part of it is the community around us who continue to carry us as we carry each other. Thank you!”

--staff member

“Hi. It’s been 10 years since I have met the trust and they have been good to me and my family. We are happy that the trust has been there in our life, it really means so much for us.”


“There’s liberty in the working of the Spirit and the Spirit is here…Stepped on The Trust 1:27 train 3 months ago, building a hopeful expectation to see how the journey will look like going forward. Happy Birthday!”

--staff member

“The James 1:27 Trust is my parent that God has provided me with and I respect the James 1:27 Trust with all my life. I believe that my Father God will always provide to the Trust. I am sending my blessings to the Trust and to everyone who is helping me, may the Lord provide to you all. Since I realised that I have a parent, my life has changed and I am always happy.”