Stories worth telling

Published on 15 September 2016

UK documentary aims to tell the stories of challenging realities of child-headed households.

Statistics and numbers can be overwhelming, and children often are most vulnerable and fill up these numbers quickly. There are between 3.3 to 3.7 million orphaned children in South Africa, and almost half of them lost their parents to AIDS-related diseases. Around 150,000 children are believed to live in child-headed households. Central to these challenges is how we respond as society.

On 10 August, a film crew from the UK came to South Africa to film a documentary in various locations including Soshanguvue, Stinkwater, Pietermartizburg and Hatfield Christian Church. The father-and-son film crew believe it is necessary to tell these stories and to ask the hard questions of how society should respond to the challenges they present. As they filmed, the central focus was to record the stories and lives of some of the children that the Trust has cared for over the years as a reflection of the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa.

The challenges that vulnerable children face are endless, but during filming we were able to reflect on the value of every person and that ‘I’ cannot be fully who ‘I am’ if ‘you’ are not able to be fully who ‘you are’. We need the support of different communities, groups and individuals within society as response to the overwhelming statics and numbers.

We trust that the documentary will speak to many people and encourage them to ask the hard questions, inviting them to ‘live simply so that others may simply live’.