Making the world a better place

Published on 25 July 2016

Vodacom honours Nelson Mandela Day at Zama Zama

Monday 18 July was an exciting day for many South Africans as they celebrated Nelson Mandela Day by giving 67 minutes to make the world a better place. It was no different at the informal settlement of Zama Zama west of Pretoria, where several employees from Vodacom’s Customer Experience Department invested their 67 minutes in this community. These employees’ passion for education as a tool to eradicate poverty and uplift communities inspired them to spend their time in Zama Zama’s crèche, which has touched many children’s lives in the last two years.

The Vodacom employees interacted with the babies, toddlers and older school-age children. They also blessed the children with socks and fleece blankets. The children loved their new soft blankets and were excited to take them home. Vodacom wants to continue their support in the community through projects and fundraising to ensure further sustainable change and development. Thank you Vodacom!

Nelson Mandela Day is an important and necessary reminder that each individual has an important role and responsibility for transformation and positive change in our nation by simply serving others in communities around them like Zama Zama.

Handing out blankets

Children with blankets