The James 1:27 Trust is a social enterprise with a vision to escalate holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children.

We are a non-profit social enterprise that was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating a scalable, sustainable means for providing holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children—a system that involves the global community and empowers the local community. To do this we partner with organisations who are already caring for children, empowering them with a historically unique system that combines innovation, social entrepreneurship, and enterprise development in the social sector with individually crafted family-based care plans on the ground.

While we are confident the methods and systems we are developing can work anywhere in the world, our context is the hundreds of thousands of South African children made vulnerable amid the current HIV epidemic.

Our offices are located at the Innovation Hub, an internationally accredited science park in Pretoria, South Africa.

Support the Trust

The James 1:27 Trust partners with organisations who care for children, giving them access to a model for delivering care, a data management system that supports care, and a social market for fundraising and sponsor relationship management. Your sponsorship helps us build our systems to serve them better.